Packing Liquids

Are you a wine enthusiast or gourmet traveler who’s looking for the perfect travel packing tips for your wine or other culinary liquids so it won’t be confiscated at the airport or break in your luggage? Don’t worry! When you pack your liquids in a BottleWise wine carrying case, you’ll meet TSA baggage regulations for safe air travel and get your indulgences home in one piece.

Most experts agree that today’s tight travel restrictions are here to stay. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your favorite wine and culinary indulgences behind when you fly… just make sure to bring the BottleWise wine carrying case with you. It is the latest convenient travel necessity for wine lovers that can be taken anywhere. Its comfortable padded shoulder strap and protective covering offer liquid-tight protection while walking, or when packing for air travel back to your home destination.

Keep Your Wine Bottles Safe During Air Travel with BottleWise Wine Carrying Case

Below are travel packing tips to get the most from your wine carrying case of choice:

  • Although the BottleWise wine travel cases feature padding to protect your bottles, it is always a good travel packing tip to place the wine carrying case near the center of your luggage. This will further minimize any impact from possible drops during transit.
  • The two padded Bot’lPaks in the BottleWise Duo are removable. This provides the flexibility of removing one of the paks for a tighter wrap if you are transporting just one bottle.
  • Another travel packing tip includes removing both the Bot’lPaks from the outer shell and packing them separately within the suitcase for a more even weight distribution. Just be sure the keep the stylish wine carrying case on hand for when you are enjoying another wine tour!
  • The Rollup literally takes up no space when not in use. It simply lies flat at the bottom of your suitcase. We recommend you always travel with one as you never know when you may discover a liquid treasure while traveling.
  • Make sure to double check the liquid-tight wine carrying cases to make sure they are properly closed.
  • A final travel packing tip: don’t pack a corkscrew or anything sharp inside the BottleWise wine carrying case. The Duo was created in response to TSA regulations regarding liquid carry on bags.


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