Welcome! The purpose of the TravelWise travel blog is to help you travel smarter.  Whether it is through informing you of TSA updates, the hottest new travel accessory or sharing travel stories, BottleWise wants to keep you informed of the latest updates and trends in the travel industry.

At BottleWise, we work hard to offer you a complete selection of bottle accessories for travel, recreation and daily use.  In our efforts to offer such a growing variety of products, it is also our responsibility to stay up to date on travel updates and lifestyle trends.  So…why not share this information with you on our travel blog!  We hope you subscribe and join the conversation.

A few of the questions and topics we’ll be trying to answer in this travel blog:

  • What are the current TSA updates and restrictions on traveling with liquids?
  • What are the best “smart bottle solutions” for travelers?
  • Common problems faced by travelers packing liquids.
  • Why are the airlines trying to nickel and dime us every time we fly?
  • Past stories of travel experiences or TSA intervention.

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